Banning Animals Testing

Emily Whitmire
3 min readSep 25, 2020


Undercover Pictures by Brian Gunn, The Animal Spy

The poor rabbits that you see in the picture above are victims of animal testing. Many different species are used in animal testing all around the world. The most common species include guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, birds, dogs, cats, and fish.

Animal testing is cruel and unscientific. This issue extends from drug and brutal chemical tests to food and cosmetic tests. PETA has reported that more than a million animals suffer and die in the U.S. alone each year due to animal testing. This major issue is not talked about enough, although it is so horrific and heartbreaking.

Animal Testing is Illogical

Experimenting on animals became popular in the 1840s. Nowadays, we have advanced so much in technology that animal testing is needless and outdated.

Thanks to modern technology, there are available alternatives. Current methods include human-cell based tests and computer models to achieve human-based results. Both options are less time consuming and deliver results at much less of a cost.

With how far we have come in technology, we have made many discoveries that makes animal testing flawed science. PETA has reported that “more than 90% of animal experiments fail to lead to treatments for humans.” Why has not this awful issue come to an end when there is a 10% chance of the experiments being successful, and there are alternatives? It is unnecessary.

“Scientists” that conduct cruel animal research are committing malpractice. There are animal cruelty laws that have been passed within the last decade, and breaking these laws is considered a felony. The same felonies that violate these laws are being committed in laboratories, but remain unprosecuted.

Animal Testing Funds

More money goes into animal testing than what people realize. Members of the public are the main source of income for animal testing. Some people may be aware where the money goes and others may not be. For example, money that goes towards lottery tickets and taxes can ultimately help fund animal testing.

There’s a publicly funded agency called the NIH that is the largest source that funds animal testing. PETA stated that “approximately 47 percent of NIH-funded research involved experimentation on nonhuman animals… budgeted nearly $40 billion for search and development.” This is happening right in front of our eyes. These horrific experiments are being conducted every day and are being overlooked. Imagine if the $40 billion that is being used to help fund animal testing was for something greater? What if it led to something groundbreaking?

Animal Testing is Unethical

Taking away the lives of more than a million innocent animals is inhumane.

National Geographic indicates, “animals have thought process, emotions, and social connections.” Animals have the capability of feeling pain, loneliness, and fear. It is morally wrong to inflict pain and suffering on living, feeling animals intentionally. The harmful testing on animals should not be okay because they are not considered humans. Animals do not deserve to be put through poor conditions. They should be left alone and in peace.