Zoos are the problem, not the solution.

Zoos Must be Replaced with Reintroduction Programs

Reintroduction programs are put in place to release animals back into their natural habitat to stabilize, establish, and increase a species' population or prevent extinction. Although reintroducing animals back into the wild, where they belong, is slow, challenging, and costly, it must be done due to issues zoos have inflicted on animals.

Why Keeping Animals in Zoos Is Bad for Their Welfare


All in All…

Most people do not think about the issues animals in captivity have inflicted on them, from developing disorders and stereotypical behaviors, or the limited space animals have in captivity. Most justify these side-effects for the purpose and pursuit of education. There comes a time when we cross the thresh-hold, from education, into a more cynical purpose. Surely the effects of captivity on animals should out-weigh the consensus most people have, which is education and entertainment. How are we to instill the knowledge of animals meant to be in the wild if their behavior changes once in captivity? Let alone the numerous disorders they can develop, altering their personality, as well as their mental health. We learn best from wild animals when they are in their natural habitat, capable of following their instincts without worry — keeping them out of prison, designed for entertainment and revenue. Reintroduction programs should be instilled in replacement of zoos because animals belong in the wild where they can be their natural selves.



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